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Can hair extensions harm your hair?

Nowadays there’s a large number of different kinds of hair extensions, so that could add thickness, length, and weight to your hairloss. In contrast to popular belief, hair extensions are a popular solution for guys in addition to girls; as many guys use these to add depth for their own thinning locks.

Whilst hair extensions can be a fast method to enhance the appearance of your hair; distinct types can pose substantial dangers and may cause more harm to your own hair from the long run. In this guide, we will explore a few of the various kinds of hair extensions on the market and the impact they might have in your hairloss.

Hair weaves

Hair weaves are put on the hair by massaging the organic hair, then wefts of hair transplant surgeon are sewn onto the braids in rows. These hair extensions can be made from artificial or human hair, and you may decide on a complete head of glow or a couple of paths to attain the desired appearance. But this process can pose substantial risks if implemented poorly.

Since the hair wefts are implemented for your hair, weaves that are full of density can place a strain on your own normal hair and cause breakage in the roots if the wefts are excessively heavy. Additionally, opting for cheaper, synthetic extensions instead of human hair may lead to baldness and damage your normal hair.

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Just like the majority of the hair extension procedures, it is crucial that you do your research and go to a respectable salon using high quality products. Even though you might need to pay slightly more, this will cut the danger of incurring substantial damage to your own hair.

Clip-in extensions

In earlier times clip-in extensions would be the go-to way of attaining thicker and longer hair fast. They’re fastened with little clips which are put on the origin of the hairfollicles.

Clip-ins can typically be seen through thin hair, and therefore are less protected as other hair growth approaches so can fall out if implemented carelessly. Likewise to weaves, in the event the clip-ins are too heavy, they could place pressure on the hair follicles, which might lead to baldness and damage to the scalp.

To minimise hair expansion harm, clip-in extensions shouldn’t be worn to sleep and should only be used sometimes.

Micro rings

Micro rings are employed close to the origin of the hair and are clamped to affix the extensions, and they are able to be attached to long or short hair. These rings are employed individually and may last up to four or three weeks if cared for correctly.

The best thing about this way is they let your hair to grow freely, however, based on how they are put, they might be observable, and also have a inclination to’slip’ down the pure hair and can result in an irregular hair appearance.

Glue-in extensions

This system involves glue being used on the wefts, which are subsequently connected to the bottom of their hair. This is a fast and effortless way of applying hair extensions, without needing to remove them prior to going to sleep.

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But this method can lead to severe harm to the scalp and hair when done incorrectly. With the years, heavy wefts may result in anxiety alopecia, which is hair loss which appears as a consequence of continuous strain on the hair and scalp. Furthermore, if the paste is placed on the scalp instead of the hair, then this may clog the hair follicles and cause scalp ailments.

Alternative options to hair extensions

With appropriate program and waxing, hair extensions are a terrific way to attain thicker, longer hairloss. Nonetheless, these are often short term remedies and you might wind up with thinner hair than you began with if it goes wrong.

Our very own Dr Shahmalak had this to say, warning people who are contemplating hair extensions:

“If hair extensions are not removed properly, they could cause bald patches in your hair. It can also lead to Traction Alopecia in Afro/Carribean patients. This is one of the many reasons to research the different types of extensions that are available before committing to an appointment.”

Hair Removal are becoming more popular among people since they provide a more permanent solution for baldness and baldness, and lots of actors will also be going down this path. Leading baldness clinic, Crown Clinic, has seen a 25% growth in bookings over the past 3 years because of this’Rooney-Effect’.